Candi's Deluxe Catalogue of Obsessions

When you put up a personal web page, what it all comes down to is this: you're compiling and posting a catalogue of your obsessions. Some obsessions rise up, take over your life, then fade away. Others endure and become part of one's permanent self-image. The following is a snapshot image of the obsessions that define me at this point in time.

Obsessed With Myself:

My name is Candi Strecker, and I think of myself as a writer, a zine publisher, a collector addicted to the unpredictable things that turn up at thrift stores, estate sales, and rummage sales, and as an observer and cataloguer of oddball popular cultural phenomena. I'm a member of that Lost Generation between the Baby Boom and Generation X, which may or may not explain my fascination with the 1970s. I was born and raised on a gladiolus farm outside a steeltown in northeast Ohio, and after making unproductive use of my time at Kent State University (American Studies with a side order of anthropology) and the University of Michigan (Library Science), I escaped with husband Matt Householder to San Francisco, where through most of the 80s I published zines and puttered around and utterly failed to have anything resembling a career. In 1993 we became the parents of Nicola (as in Tesla) Sage Householder and I elected to stay home with her. To my complete surprise, for the first time in my life, I became productive and self-disciplined enough to do some serious, salable freelance writing in the minutes I snatched from naptimes and evenings.

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Obsessed With Zines

Obsessed With Writing

Obsessed With Other Things

Member, Zine Cabal
Dead Media Necronaut
Gamester in The (Death) Game since 1991
Possessor of highly obscure secret knowledge
and She Who Knows the Difference Between "its" and "it's"